Life as an MFT Expat in Istanbul

Traveling globally can broaden your perspective, introducing you to diverse cultures, and ideas, and offering insights into alternate ways of thinking, behaving, and believing. Our Graduate and Partner, Anders Kjeldgaard, embraced MFT Energy’s Globetrotter opportunity, spending three enriching months in Istanbul. Here are his reflections on life as an expat.

My journey to Istanbul

As part of my Graduate Program, I got the opportunity to join our Istanbul office for one of my rotations. This is one of the unique opportunities given to graduates at MFT Energy. The evident enthusiasm from the company and the team in Istanbul regarding my involvement encouraged me to make this decision. Also, the prospect of working closely with an experienced trading team in Istanbul was incredibly appealing, as it promised to bring me closer to the core of trading operations.

During my time in Istanbul, I had several key objectives. Firstly, I aimed to deepen my understanding of the trading operations and the markets they specialize in. Being physically present in Istanbul allowed me to learn and gain insights into their operational methods. Additionally, I had the opportunity to contribute with my own experience from Denmark, offering a new perspective on enhancing their processes in innovative ways. Another significant aspect of my role was to bridge the gap between the Istanbul office and various support functions back in our headquarters in Denmark, streamlining our collaboration and communication.

Reflecting on my life abroad

My learning and contributions were twofold. Firstly, by working closely with the trading team, I gained substantial knowledge about trading strategies and the specific markets they operate. Secondly, my contribution was primarily through bringing a fresh perspective. I wasn’t hesitant to ask probing questions, often leading to reevaluating and refining our approaches. Additionally, I played a role in automating certain processes, leveraging insights from my background to introduce innovative solutions that enhanced our overall effectiveness.

Professionally, the opportunity to collaborate with a team of experienced and bright colleagues was invaluable. I gained a wealth of professional experience, improved my skills, and expanded my understanding of the field. Equally important was the personal experience. I received an incredibly warm welcome from the team, who ensured that my stay in Istanbul was fulfilling, both personally and professionally. This combination of professional growth and personal hospitality made my time in Istanbul truly exceptional.

Anders proved to be an asset to our Istanbul team, maintaining open lines of communication with our support teams in Denmark. This effort not only bridged the geographical gap but also heightened our awareness of the capabilities within our support teams.
Sani Tiryaki
Sani Tiryaki
Director, East European Markets & Partner

What made your journey successful?

Throughout my journey in Istanbul, I was fortunate to have the support of many individuals, complemented by my drive and curiosity. The team in Istanbul was pivotal in helping me integrate into the city. Their efforts ensured that I adapted well and thoroughly enjoyed the cultural experiences on offer. MFT Energy handled all practical matters, including hospitality, which eased my transition significantly.

Moreover, my eagerness to challenge myself and adapt to a new culture played a crucial role in my experience. This internal motivation led me to explore and absorb as much as possible, enriching my professional skills and personal growth. My time in Istanbul became more than a professional assignment; it was a journey of self-discovery and cultural engagement.

During my time in Istanbul, I have greatly expanded my horizons both professionally and personally. Professionally, working closely with a skilled trading team enriched my understanding of trading operations and the power markets in the region. Personally, the hospitality I received broadened my worldview and enhanced my adaptability in new environments. This unique blend of professional growth and cultural experiences in Istanbul has been instrumental in shaping a more comprehensive and versatile perspective in my career and life.

Upon his return to the headquarters in Aarhus, Anders embarked on the final rotation of the Graduate Program and kicked off 2024 by becoming a Partner in MFT Energy.

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