Become Partner

Become Partner
by mft

In MFT Energy we invest in traders with good track records on niche areas. It starts with a solid business plan. We define targets together. We check if there is a match on our values. If all feels right, we create a partnership and engage ourselves 100% to create success together.

MFT Energy brings capital, market access, back office, branding, legal services and you bring a detailed business plan, your passion and expertise. It’s a win-win.

We are a bunch of energy traders who started our own company to realize our dreams a couple of years ago. So far, the results have been great, and we run to the office every single day with excitement. We look forward to add more colleagues to our dynamic and innovative company.

What do we think we need?

We need an entrepreneurial spirit who develops models on the fundamentals of his/her core markets. A responsible trader that develops and follows the business plan agreed, and would help us to reach our common goals. We need people who proactively search for new opportunities; execute and follow up. Only then, we can contribute to the goal of creating incremental growth, in a fair organizational structure, based on the right people and values.

Qualifications we believe are important

We believe that it is important that you have an impressive track record from trading a niche area, preferably within the energy markets. You are committed to create success, and you are persistent to do whatever it takes to reach your goals. You can plan your way to success and follow the path.

Obviously, you are a nice person

You impress others with your efficiency. You are a team player but you are also able to work independently, proactively and dynamically. You come to work with a positive attitude, you see opportunities where others see problems. You are able to make a difference.

We offer some nice stuff too

We are committed to creating value through executing various trading ideas. We offer partnership for the right candidates. We want to create a dream that we can execute together. MFT Energy is a transparent and flat organisation with entrepreneurship at heart. Professional and skilled colleagues with years of experience will welcome you. We provide professional support and access to core markets. We have a dynamic workplace in our modern premises in Aarhus. No two days are ever the same for us.