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We are a Global Energy Trading Hub Engineered for Growth

We believe that the most successful way to create an extraordinary company is to equip talented people with the right tools and a sense of ownership.

The way we do this is by utilizing latest technologies, building a strong scalable trading platform, and offering the possibility for all our employees to become business owners.

We want to build the most scalable global energy trading hub, connecting talented people around the world and unlock their full potential within energy trading.

About our Partner Model

The MFT Partner Model

Empowering Talent

Our unique partner model empowers entrepreneurs to become the best. At MFT Energy, we have moved away from the command-and-control paradigm to allow highly-driven professionals to choose the best way to achieve goals.

Competitive Edge

Partners control the upside by strengthening their core trading capabilities, seeking new opportunities in their core markets, and governing their own business model and investments. This provides trading teams, and MFT Energy as a whole, with a compelling and enduring competitive edge. When needed, partners can call upon a dynamic hub of subject matter expertise in back office administration, access to capital and markets, strategic and entrepreneurial leadership, as well as IT, risk advisory and legal services.

Support Capital Software & Technology Leadership Legal Assistance Market Access Partner Company

Invoice management
Risk management
Salary management
Currency management


Access to capital
Access to guarantees

Software & Technology

Software & tools development
Data handling
Position overview
Data mapping & infrastructure
Hardware access
Assistant on ad hoc
Experience in selecting software vendors


Trading leadership
Entrepreneur leadership
Culture & team builders
Strategy & Execution
Coaching & monitoring

Market Access

Application handling
Process establishment
Translation and legalization
Access to platforms
Maintenance and assistance

Partner Company

MFT vision

Our Vision

Together we build the most scalable global trading hub.

MFT mission

Our Mission

To empower entrepreneurs to become the best.

Our Values



Grit is about strength of character, spirit, perseverance, and unyielding courage. Grit drives achievement and success at MFT Energy, independent of and beyond what talent and intelligence may contribute.



Hunger, and staying hungry, is a critical component of our ability to build and improve MFT Energy. Combining ambition, passion and energy, hunger conquers the fear of failure and helps us to take on more responsibilities.



Unity ensures that MFT Energy operates with unbroken integrity in a condition of harmony and accord. Our highly-collaborative working environment encourages us to perform at top levels and creates a sense of solidarity and loyalty.


Torben Nordal Clausen
CEO & Partner
Simon Fisker Rathjen
CVO & Partner
Christian Pape
CFO & Partner
Lars Kristensen
CRO & Partner
Cagdas Ozan Ates
CCO & Partner
Bo Palmgren
COO & Partner
Jacob Vald Guldberg
CIO & Partner

Board of Directors

Eivind Kolding
Simon Fisker Rathjen
Deputy Chair
Lasse Pilgaard
Board Member
Heidi Frederikke Sigdal
Board Member
Per Schnack
Board Member

Strategic Aspirations


Initial public offering by 2023

We will continue to strengthen the company and position for an IPO by 2023.


Growth into a global player

We are ready to accelerate growth further, by expanding from an essentially European base and to become global in scope.


Empowered employees

Following on from the MFT Workspace initiative, we will explore the possibilities of work-from-home, wherever in the world that may be.

Financial Performance

Strong financial performance is an ongoing feature of MFT Energy, with positive EBIT results posted in each accounting year since we were founded in 2017.

It is the result of a combination of factors:

  • A highly scalable platform with global potential
  • A unique partner model based on partnership and empowered traders
  • A low and flexible cost base (due to an asset-light focus on trading only)
  • A large and growing global market that continues to deregulate
  • A wealth of solid trading experience and market knowledge
  • Proactive risk management structures integrated into daily operations, and
  • Use of the latest technologies to create a competitive edge
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