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ABOUT OUR Partner model

We need entrepreneurial spirits who develop models on the fundamentals of their core markets. A responsible trader or team that develops and follows the business plan agreed upon, and help us reach our common goals. We need people who proactively search for new opportunities; execute and follow up. Only then, we can contribute to the goal of creating incremental growth, in a fair organizational structure, with the right people and corresponding values.

MFT Energy currently has seven trading companies together with our partners.

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Become a business owner

“What if I could do this on my own?” – A thought often exchanged among traders after finishing another rewarding day. This thought became the main ingredient in developing our Partner model. The idea behind it is to provide the opportunity for traders to become owners of their own business.

MFT Energy is built as a Partner model, where successful traders are owners of their own companies together with MFT Energy.

MFT Energy currently has seven trading companies together with our partners.

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You control the upside

An upside via the ownership and a limit to your risk.

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You will be supported

Full support with market access, legal assistance, IT, back office, capital and leadership, thereby enabling you to focus on trading.

The MFT Partner model

MFT Energy brings capital, market access, IT, back office, legal services and leadership. You bring a detailed business plan, your passion and expertise

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Meet Malene & Anders

Together they formed a company with MFT Energy in 2019

“As a trader and a trader analyst, MFT Energy’s unique partnership model enables us to own and fully control our business model and do what we do best, with fair and transparent results sharing. Hence, we can fully focus on our core competences and invest for the long-term”

“Here, we get to be around a collective setup of people with enormous drive, in a young and vibrant work environment, with unconditional support for each other. Our joint effort and commitment towards our model and fulfilling our dreams is yet another reason to support this innovative approach towards independence in energy trading”

Put your ambitions to work

More benefits for you

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Access to Network of Experts

Our model has sharp trading minds supported by brilliant IT and business developers. People with passion that can ensure your business increases its likelihood of success.

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International Market Access

MFT Energy currently has trading access to 24 countries and is using multiple trading platforms. All in all, this should ensure easier access for your business.

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Risk Management

Utilize the experience of our people, and develop a risk concept to ensure your business will grow healthy.

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