From Student Employee to Graduate

After 18 months as student employee, Mathias Jakobsen traded in his books for a master’s degree in Economics and opted for a full-time Graduate position with MFT Energy. The next two years, he will get to know the ins and outs of energy trading and move towards being a generalist rather than a specialist.

Meet Mathias

I recently graduated from Aarhus University and after 5 years of study now hold an MSc in Economics. The study was incredibly challenging, but that only made it more rewarding to learn and utilize the economic theory. Working with the energy business is similar in many ways: challenging and driven by data and theory.

As a person, I am driven by curiosity, and during my studies I volunteered in different student associations hereunder Aarhus Case Competition, at which I became responsible for the supportive organization, fundraising and for pitching the scope of Aarhus Case Competition to companies and organizations. My experience from Aarhus Case Competition later helped me in my application process at MFT Energy and continues to be of value in my daily work.

From Student to Graduate

Fast forward, MFT Energy launched its Graduate Program and motivated by the company’s culture and chance to become part of a two-year rotation position, I knew that I wanted to apply for the Risk Graduate position. To me, the MFT Energy Graduate Program was a perfect opportunity to stretch myself professionally while at the same time chase my ambitions to work abroad for a period of time. It is a role in which performance is a given, but it resides in the MFT work culture also to provide employees with the most optimal conditions through what can best be described as “freedom with responsibility.”

To me, the MFT Energy Graduate Program was a perfect opportunity to stretch myself professionally while at the same time deliver on my ambitions to work abroad for a period of time
Mathias Jakobsen
Risk Graduate

My Expectations for the Graduate Role

On a personal level, I hope to become part of a tight knitted Graduate group that can discuss professional challenges and solutions in an environment of trust, openness, and innovation. I am joined by two talented fellow MFT Graduates, and I am looking forward to being able to engage in sparring and jointly push our learnings and development to the next level.

As a Graduate with MFT, the overall frames are set for the next two years and include both special assignments, mentoring, rotation, expatriation, and upper management attention. We will get access to an extensive toolbox and engage in a role that is equally concrete and innovative Our Graduate group it the first of its kind with MFT Energy and the level of expectations high; hence, I am eager to prove my worth and pave the way for future Graduates.

What the Future Holds

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and like to challenge the status quo, then MFT Energy is the place to be. There is a high level of flexibility, responsibility, ownership of tasks and social gatherings such as Friday bars, family events and celebrations. The social aspect is something that I truly value and I enjoy ending a workday with a game of FIFA and laughs with my colleagues.

I regard my 2-year MFT Graduateship as an internal education, and I have no doubt that my “backpack” of learnings will grow extensively. Looking to the future, I see myself remain a part of MFT Energy and hope to be able to use the Graduate Program as a steppingstone towards an in-depth understanding of both the company and the industry. For now, I am starting with two years but already envision a long-term career with MFT Energy.

MFT Energy has several international offices and trades energy across many borders. Our Graduate Program enables talented people to embark on a 2-year learning journey. For more, please go to