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Do you want an exceptional carrer in the energy industry? Click on Graduate voices to learn more about the MFT Graduate program. We are now open for applications to the Graduate program 2024, starting on Spetmeber 2, 2024.

Graduate Voices

The MFT Energy Graduate Program


2 year Graduate Program


Abroad opportunities


Personal and professional development


3 tracks: Finance, Software and Trading


Excelerate your own career

The 3 Graduate Tracks

MFT Energy is a transparent and flat organization with entrepreneurship at heart. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to become the best. We embrace diversity and inclusion and have the ambition to be Truly International. Click and read more about MFT and our vision.

The three Graduate tracks in the MFT Energy Graduate Program are Finance, Software and Trading. You apply for one track, and we will tailor the program to you, according to your competences and interests. To acquire vast knowledge in all MFT-related matters, you will learn from and contribute to 3 different teams. Every 8 months you will rotate into a different team, as an essential teammate fully involved within the team’s operations. Your responsibilities in each team will vary, depending on your own competences and interest.

While visiting different teams during your 2-year learning journey, you will get an exceptional knowledge about our business, organization and the energy market. The goal is to offer each graduate the opportunity to acquire the necessary professional and personal skills, so you can grow together with MFT.

Personal Mentor

Cagdas Ates

VP, European & US Power Trading

“The future of trading is data-driven, so working with data is crucial for our success. No two days will be the same and we will experience how working with numbers is definitely fun.”

Jacob Vald Guldberg

VP, CIO & Algorithmic Trading

“Want to solve complex business cases with great people, while having an awesome time? I will take pride in guiding you to understand our industry and reach your goals.”

Christian Pape


“We strive to attract and develop the best talents, and as part of the Graduate program I will give you the necessary support to develop your talent within finance and controlling.”

Job Opportunities after
the Graduate Program

The MFT Energy Graduate Program will take you on an explosive journey from the beginning to the end. We will focus on enabling the optimal surroundings, training, and conditions for you to get a fantastic 2-year experience with a steep learning curve, of both personal and professional development.

The Graduate position you will apply for is an open position that will be tailored to match your competences, interests, and qualifications. We will guide you in a specific direction and help you acquire the necessary skills required for a career in MFT Energy, within a certain area of our business.

When the Graduate Program is completed, you will be an expert in the energy market. You will have international experience, having worked with talented colleagues comprised of 25 different nationalities, and you will develop a deep understanding of MFT Energy and our operations.

Once the Graduate Program is completed, we will find the most appropriate role for you within our organization. To get a deeper insight into our principles, values and culture, read more on our career site.


MFT has offices in Aarhus, Istanbul, Noosa and Singapore. Depending on your home address, you will have your primary base in one of these offices.

Click here and read about our remote Workspace approach.

Yes. Salary and the overall contract will be prepared as part of the recruitment.

MFT Energy pays a competitive market salary during the MFT Energy Graduate Program.

The entrance to MFT Energy can vary. We cherish a workplace where people have different education, personalities, skill sets, experiences, and knowledge bases. A Master level is required to be part of the Graduate Program.

Your direct way in would be a Masters degree within Economy, IT or Finance. Eg. Finance, Business Intelligence, Business Development, Economics, Computer Science, Physics, Nanoscience, Quantitative analysis or Mathematics.

We have an ambitious screening process with two job interviews and a meet-up day.
We do expect you to be best in class, but we value personality and the ability to work and live out our three values just as much: Grit, Hunger, Unity.

The deadline for application is 30 January 2023.

Start date is 1 September 2023.

Danish is not a requirement. We have employees comprised of 25 different nationalities; hence our corporate language is English.

Most often Graduates come fresh out of school, when they have completed their masters degree, but you will still be considered even though you graduated last year, if you meet the application requirements.

When you have completed the Graduate Program, we expect your skills and expertise to qualify you for another full-time job in the MFT Energy Group. There is no unconditional job guarantee, but due to our investment in the Graduate Program, we obviously wish to make good use of your unique skills when you have finished the program.

The Graduate position you apply to is an open position. We will guide you in a direction and give you the necessary skills to prepare you for a career in MFT Energy within a certain area of our business. We have no specific job waiting for you, but together we will find your niche and the right position for you. We have high expectations for your future career with us and we hope you have the same.

Grow your future with MFT

Do you have Grit and Hunger and do you want to join a Unity? Seize the chance and become a valued part of the MFT family! Make the most of your talent!