As a Graduate, you will have much Impact from the Very Beginning

Meet Frederik Nielsen, MFT Trading Graduate, and hear about his journey toward a graduate position with MFT Energy. 

How did you first learn about the MFT Energy Graduate Program?

I learned about the graduate program through  

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What attracted you to the company?

There were three main reasons I wanted to join MFT Energy. First of all, I think the energy industry is in one of its most interesting phases right now. All the movement we are seeing at a macro level is impacting how the different companies are developing and in general the industry is moving fast. It’s a volatile and great industry to develop competences within and MFT Energy is a great place to learn and get responsibility from the very beginning.

Secondly, I really liked the start-up mentality at MFT Energy. The company is growing very fast and moves and operates with an entrepreneurial spirit with quick decision making and the opportunity to have a large impact on the direction of the company.

Finally, MFT Energy is a young and dynamic organisation with good energy and a cooperative environment where you will learn a lot amongst great colleagues.

As a relatively young employee I have been amazed about the amount of responsibility I have been given by the organisation from the very beginning
Frederik Nielsen
Frederik Nielsen
Trading Graduate

What attracted you to MFT Energy and the Graduate Program?

When I was finalising university, I wasn’t sure exactly what direction I wanted to go. By joining a graduate program, I knew that I would be able to try out different paths and figure out what I enjoyed doing the most. I also really wanted to get a broad understanding of the organisation and how the different functions work together. On top of that, I am very found that in MFT Energy you get to be part of a program that focus on both personal and professional development.

What has surprised you the most about working at the company?

I wake up excited to go work everyday and that is primarily due to my co-workers and the company culture the founders have created.

Its a very flat hierarchical structure which gives a lot of decision-making power to the employees. As a relatively young employee I have been amazed about the amount of responsibility I have been given by the organisation from the very beginning. Not to forget all the office perks.

Biggest challenge as a graduate so far?

One of the big upsides to the MFT Energy Gradiate program is being able to work in different parts of the organisation and that the program is individualized to your competences and interests. However, not officially being part of a department does come with some complications regarding the allocation of assignments and responsibilities. As a graduate you therefore need to be proactive and ensure that you are aware of the rotations you want and the projects that interest you the most.

Advice to other applicants?

Be curious about the company. Make sure you research what we are and the kind of work we do. MFT Energy has many articles about the energy market, our partner set-up and culture. Reach out to people working at MFT Energy and make sure you ask as many questions as you can. I often find that graduates tend to focus too much on salary. I do think salary is an important component and MFT Energy is competitive at this point, but I would also advice for you to make sure you focus on items such as office perks, location, working environment etc. Especially the work environment and culture is not for granted and not something you can develop overnight. My experience is that the founders, partners, HR and the whole organization values and prioritize this as a big part of the everyday life in MFT Energy.

MFT Energy has several international offices and trades energy across many borders.

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