Annual report 2019

A year with crucial strategic investments for the future

“We built a great foundation for continuing our growth and our ambitions. And we expect great things from our significant investments made in 2019” – Cagdas Ates, CEO at MFT Energy

With Turnover rounding up at 111 million EUR, Gross Profit at 4.78 million EUR and EBIT landing at 2.1 million EUR, MFT Energy finished 2019 stronger than ever. MFT Energy currently trades energy in 24 countries – an increase of 16 countries, with establishing 5 new business areas, including Gas Trading, US, Nordic, UK and South East European Trading. Furthermore, MFT Energy welcomed 25 new employees in 2019 – an increase of 200%, with 23 employees currently being partners at the company.

With all the investments made in 2019 and the satisfying financial result, MFT Energy is ready to take the next step, and in time become the best energy trading house in the world.

“We expect, that 2020 will be a year where MFT Energy will focus on expanding within our current business areas. We will continue to employ more people and we expect to generate better and much higher financial results” – Cagdas Ates, CEO at MFT Energy