Success is a Joint Effort at MFT Energy

Meet Marie – new partner at MFT Energy

My background is a Master’s in IT and Communication from Aarhus University and I have previously worked as Personal Assistant to Management within the energy and financial sector.

Since September 2020, I have taken on the role as Administrative Assistant at MFT Energy and I see myself as a generalist with an overall purpose of providing professional support to everyone at MFT, hereunder Leadership and Board of Directors.

How would you describe MFT Energy?

At MFT Energy, you are hired to do the job you are good at and to do what interests you the most. All employees have tapped into the same journey – everyone starts at the same level and can obtain partnership regardless of hierarchical order. That fosters a unique sense of ownership, positivity, and drive.

I am hired to act as Administrative Assistant, and this is a role I both like and do well. At MFT Energy, Leadership has made it a priority to share successes with all employees making everyone equal from student employees, managers, and partners. 

What is it like to be made partner?

I am very excited to be made partner after 18 months of employment. I have always felt a high degree of ownership for my work, but I will be honest and say that being made partner has taken it to a new level.

In other companies, my role may be valued but I would rarely be credited the company success, and most never get the opportunity to be made partner. To me, it is not a numbers game, but it does increase motivation and my work approach becomes more holistic
Marie Jeppesen
Marie Jeppesen
Administrative Assistant

What makes a great place to work?

MFT Energy has an admirable approach to many things that rank high on the list of employees and when you are part of a positive and inclusive work environment, you automatically become an advocate of the company. 

Early on during the COVID-19 pandemic, MFT Energy introduced MFT Workspace that focuses on work-life balance and allows you to work from whichever geographical place you prefer. Work time is flexible, and you can even work from one of our international offices for a period.

As a mother to two young girls, such flexibility makes it possible for me to balance work and family. I can work during evenings and weekends – focus is on my work deliverables and not on physical office presence. MFT Energy has taken work-life disruption to a new positive norm much to the benefit of all current and future employees.

MFT Energy employs high performing power and gas trading specialists and experienced support specialists. Our partner model enables talented people to become engaged business owners and creates a dynamic, enjoyable, and profitable work environment for everybody.