MFT Energy through my eyes: A world of opportunities

Julie Vangsgaard Gravesen, Head of Renewable Gas & Partner. Born in Denmark, in 1995 Cand.oecon from Aarhus BSS.

Why have you chosen to become a part of MFT Energy and the energy trading business?

For me, MFT Energy was the clear choice among many. The culture here is welcoming and full of highly skilled individuals who support each other. I appreciate MFT Energy’s fast-paced environment where everyone is aligned and collaborates towards common goals. It is also refreshing to be part of a community where everyone is approachable and maintains a positive outlook. MFT Energy has supported me in learning, taking on new challenges, and building strong connections with my colleagues.

What opportunities does MFT Energy offer?

MFT Energy has offered me a playground for personal and professional development. There’s this strong push to develop talents. Our leaders drive the business forward while focusing on our individual development. Over the past four years, I’ve dived into four different roles – each packed with its challenges and learnings – all supported by a high level of trust in me.

As we are navigating through a relatively new industry, innovation plays an important part in the culture at MFT Energy. This environment pushes me to question traditional methods and think creatively, free from the constraints of “the way we do things around here.”

In 2023, marking my fourth year with the company, I stepped into the role of Head of Renewable Gas. It’s a mix of pride and humility, leading a sector that’s pioneering within the company. And shows MFT Energy’s dedication to nurturing talent from within.

What qualities resonate with MFT Energy’s culture?

Joining MFT Energy means embracing adaptability and curiosity. It’s a place for those who embrace the excitement of change. The industry is dynamic, offering endless opportunities. In my view, MFT Energy is a place where ambition and a supportive culture go hand in hand. The team is diverse with a wide array of skills, talents, backgrounds, and nationalities.

How does MFT Energy embrace diversity?

The culture at MFT Energy is founded on honesty and a flat organizational structure, revolving around the principle that “the best argument wins, no matter what.” This ensures that neither rank/position, seniority/age, background, nor any other characteristic blocks the development or decision-making processes within the company.

Additionally, MFT Energy’s workspace fosters flexibility in people’s work lives, which I am confident helps attract diverse individuals. This flexibility not only draws people from various backgrounds but also supports retaining talent by providing a work-life balance that accommodates different lifestyles and preferences.