MFT Energy provides a supportive environment for personal growth

Louise Fuglsang, Trading Analyst & Partner at MFT Energy. Born in Denmark, in 1997. MSc in Economics from Aarhus BSS

Why have you chosen to become a part of MFT Energy and the energy trading business?

It meant something to me that it’s an industry located in Aarhus. But I also really think the energy markets are exciting and complex in a good way. There’s a lot happening, and things change quickly. During my studies, I became very interested in working with data. In my job at MFT Energy, there’s a lot of data and many possibilities where you can create value with data. Every day, it presents challenges that help me grow and I really enjoy that.

What opportunities does MFT Energy offer?

At MFT Energy, I have the opportunity to carve my own path, and I’m empowered to do so if I want to try something new.

I think I can best describe it with the feeling of a blue ocean – the industry is still relatively new, which means there are many unexplored areas and plenty of room for discovery. That’s why things also change quickly, and therefore, it’s not necessarily an advantage to have 10 years of experience.

If you’re interested, MFT Energy offers the possibility to get substantial responsibility and influence. It might sound intimidating to some, but for me, it’s been in a positive way because it’s a supportive environment to develop in. Your manager and the management in general make sure to be there – also with good answers and advice when you ask what you might feel is a silly question. I think we have an environment where there’s a great understanding that you often have to learn many things from scratch.

What qualities resonate with MFT Energy’s culture?

In my opinion, one of the most important things is to be curious about learning new things and adaptable because things move fast, and it’s a dynamic environment.

We are different types of people who want to explore new opportunities, which means there are plenty of innovative thoughts and great creativity. To me, that creates an exciting everyday life.

We want to attract talent at MFT Energy – and preferably more women. How can we do that?

We need to become much better at explaining what we do, as the purpose and nature of energy trading can be complex for many people to grasp. It might seem intimidating – especially for women – to dive into something that isn’t explained well enough. Therefore, we need to get even better at communicating the tasks we’re solving and what we offer as a company.

I believe our industry can come across as very male-dominated. So, we also need to communicate more effectively that we have female employees and that we’re growing in numbers.

For me, it’s also essential that we uphold our values and that we are a company where people care about each other. For example, my leader doesn’t just ask about how work is going, but also how I’m doing – and that means a lot to me.

Additionally, I think job postings with a lot of requirements can seem more daunting to women. At least that was the case for me when I applied for my job here at MFT Energy. Just days before discovering the job posting, I encountered an article highlighting that women often hesitate to apply for jobs unless they meet every listed criterion, in contrast to many men who apply if the role excites them. This insight motivated me to pursue the opportunity at MFT Energy despite not fulfilling all the requirements. I applied anyway – and got it! And I’m really glad I did because it has been and still is a really educational and fun journey.