MFT Energy cultivates a proactive mindset and a can-do attitude

Tine Grønbæk, Legal Counsel & Partner. Born in Denmark, in 1992, cand.jur. at Aarhus University.

Why have you chosen to become a part of MFT Energy and the energy trading business?

I chose MFT Energy because I could see an evolving company and industry. 

MFT Energy appeared like a very dynamic company with a lot of focus on the people, which was a major consideration for me. Further, the workplace seemed to be built on a great environment and positive atmosphere, which I can now confirm. 

In terms of the energy trading business, I found it interesting due to its role in the global economy and future sustainable development.

What opportunities does MFT Energy offer?

MFT Energy is a place with a strong focus on both your personal and professional growth. Your development is not limited to your job description, but instead continued learning and progression in the organization.  

As a part of the legal team, I had the chance to work closely with our traders – and other departments – which provided me with a thorough understanding and 360-degree perspective of the business. That contributed to me moving closer to the commercial side of the business which today drives me. 

In general, we collaborate and work across departments to create synergy and better outcomes. Talent and people are being recognized by being handed more and more responsibility, which I believe is a huge motivation and driver across the organization. 

What qualities resonate with MFT Energy’s culture?

MFT Energy thrives on a culture that values a proactive mindset and a can-do attitude.

Teamwork in MFT Energy is focused on integrity and transparency, which I find both refreshing and motivating. Further, continuous learning and personal growth are not just encouraged; they are a part of our daily work and long-term success.

We want to attract talent at MFT Energy – and preferably more diversity. How can we do that?

At MFT Energy, there is a focus on building a team that is both dynamic, inclusive, and diverse. 

Therefore, there is a need to challenge the traditional industry profiles and instead provide an understanding of what talent looks like today. In my opinion, it is essential that we already in the initial steps, like e.g., job postings, communicate the need for different roles, skills, and perspectives to form the best possible setup and organization. 

In my situation, I worked as an attorney at a law firm before I joined MFT Energy. I would probably never have considered joining a trading company, but my experience, competencies, and profile were a great match for MFT Energy. I believe this could be the situation for several other individuals out there, as so many different profiles are needed in the industry today.