Let’s Talk about Company Culture II

At MFT Energy, company culture remains a prioritized fundamental for success and recognized as a leverage for employee happiness and productivity. We back up our intentions with a flat organizational structure and focus on people development.

We have asked Mehmet Tarik Atay, Trader what it is like to work at MFT Energy – here is his take on the company culture.

Being Part of MFT Energy

I have been part of the company for 18 months and work out of our office in Istanbul, Turkey. MFT Energy is a young company on a fast-phased journey towards IPO, and the atmosphere is characterized by agility and personal ownership of tasks. The company invites you to bring ideas to the table and the organizational structure is flat with focus on performance and personal development which enables the company to fast track and show impressive results.

In addition to the company values (Grit, Hunger, Unity), the company culture is framed by five principles: Passion, Curiosity, Responsibility, Communication, and Fun all of which are a daily part of working at MFT Energy.

As someone working outside the main office such as myself, you risk feeling disconnected and isolated from headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark; however, MFT Energy mitigates with a high level of communication and makes a point out of including all employees in events, thereby enabling a collaboration and cooperation culture.

Twice a year, all employees meet up in Denmark for International Week, which is a great way to bridge cultural differences and strengthen the bond among colleagues. Next International Week is coming up in June, and I look forward to connecting with my Danish colleagues and meeting up with everyone else flying in from all over the world for a week of business talks and socializing.

The MFT Partner Model is highly motivating
Mehmet Tarik Atay
Mehmet Tarik Atay
Trader, MFT Energy

I am Particularly Proud

What differs the most from other companies, is MFT Energy’s notion that all employees can make partners; thus, the level of fairness in terms of compensation and opportunity is a cornerstone of the company’s DNA.

Other companies may offer you an incentive program but at MFT Energy, you are invited to become partner and owner. The biggest encouragement comes from feeling included, and the MFT Partner Model is highly motivating and fosters a culture of respect, responsibility, and drive – something of which I am particularly proud.

MFT Energy has several international offices and trades across many borders. Our partner model enables talented people to become engaged business owners and creates a dynamic, enjoyable, and profitable work environment for everybody.