From Student to Intern

Joining MFT Energy as a student risk analyst 18 months ago, Weronika Chojczak recently embarked on a 6-month internship with MFT Energy thereby wrapping up her third semester of the master’s in Finance.

Meet Weronika

I originate from Poland, and re-located to Denmark in 2017 in connection with my studies. Currently I am enrolled at Aarhus University where I am finalizing my master’s in Finance while at the same time working in a student position with MFT Energy.

I joined MFT Energy 18 months ago as a student risk analyst with their Risk and Treasury Team and recently I have started in a full-time 6-month internship in the company as part of my education. At the end of my internship, I will hand in an assignment and present an oral defense which will be added to my exam papers.

What Does it Mean to be an Intern at MFT Energy

As a student employee I quickly realized that MFT Energy offered a steep learning curve involving plenty of challenges and room to grown both professionally and personally. While educating myself on theoretical issues I have always felt that interesting topics are only delt with superficially in school while at MFT Energy I am offered the chance to deep-dive into topics that I find in particular interesting such as Value at Risk (VAR).

As an intern at MFT Energy I am surrounded by talented colleagues who are more than willing to pass on their knowledge
Weronika Chojczak
Risk Intern

As an intern at MFT Energy I am surrounded by talented colleagues who are more than willing to pass on their knowledge and help me excel. Besides expanding my insights into the energy markets, I am working in a real-life context where actions have consequences, and I am taught how to predict and navigate situations that may arise in risk and treasury. When I joined, MFT Energy already had the VAR model in place, but I hope that my contributions and developments to the existing model will offer new viewpoints to the risk approach and be put to play in the workstreams.

MFT Energy makes a point of treating student and interns like any full-time employee and generally speaking there is a high degree of responsibility and trust in your capabilities. This is the unique part of MFT Energy – here I feel all my work have been put to use and have been initiated for a reason. Additionally, the company encourages you to be curious, ask questions and to voice which developing areas you would like to pursue. Comparing to other interns I know, I have no doubt that my time at MFT Energy will be valuable for my career both short-and long-term.

My Advice to Others

Have an open mind and make sure you join a company that actually wants to include you in the company and that engages in your education. In my case, this approach has enabled me to trade my student position for a full-time internship. Initially, when I was on the hunt for a student position, I interviewed with several companies that were eager to put students into a tiny box with limited opportunity to grow and that did not want to invest time in training and knowledge sharing. I encourage you to remember that you do not need to know everything from day one; you are not expected to be an expert subject matter but hard work and willingness to learn and to challenge the status quo will get you far.

In addition, I recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to pick the minds of your colleagues. You are surrounded by people who have long graduated and have a backpack of experience – ask them for advice, guidance, and support. 

Future Plans

My overall objective is to continue my career at MFT Energy, and I have already started the dialogue of exploring the opportunities together with my Leader. My passion lies within the energy business and with Risk & Treasury. I thrive with coding, relation building, and risk calculations and appreciate the responsibility and impact that the role requires.

MFT Energy offers an equally dynamic, demanding and rewarding work environment and so far, I am off to a great start getting a full-time feel for what the role requires via my internship.

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