At MFT Energy your talent is seen and encouraged to grow

Angela Protic, Director of Market Access & Partner. Born in North Macedonia, in 1992, MSc. in International Business at the University of Ljubljana

Why have you chosen to become a part of MFT Energy and the energy trading business?

I have chosen to be a part of MFT Energy because it is a growing company with a dynamic environment and great development opportunities. I joined MFT Energy five years ago in a highly versatile role, and since then, my learning curve has been very steep, navigating through positioning MFT Energy on 38 trading markets (so far) worldwide. Here, your talent is seen and encouraged to grow, while you receive lots of responsibility.

What opportunities does MFT Energy offer?

In MFT Energy, there is a very special entrepreneurial spirit. Our partnership model, which allows everyone to become a partner, is our X Factor. The sense of belonging and working towards a common goal makes this place more than a company. Professionally, you have all the opportunities to develop yourself. There is a high level of trust, and if you are ambitious, there’s an endless potential for progress.

What qualities resonate with MFT Energy’s culture?

It is curiosity and a natural drive to achieve results. And then being an open-minded individual. At MFT Energy, we have different nationalities and backgrounds, who learn from each other and our different competencies. Different points of view are widely accepted and openly discussed, which allows for a high level of transparency.

We want to attract talent at MFT Energy – and preferably more diversity. How can we do that?

As in many other industries, there’s an outdated historical bias for the energy industry as well – That this industry is gender specific. At MFT Energy, and in the rest of the industry we simply must become better at advocating against this, to raise awareness that this is not an industry that only favors and accepts a specific gender. We should perhaps also start to think more outside the box when it comes to recruiting and choosing our target groups.