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MFT Energy focuses on generating value by trading energy related products in Central West Europe on the short term and intraday markets.

In MFT, we believe that the employees are the driving factor. We believe that the people who share our goals and contribute to the growth, deserve to take a fair piece of our success.

Short-term Intraday trading

We trade intraday power in CWE region. We will soon expand to Day ahead and forward power trading. Moreover, we are looking to expand to gas markets in the near future.

At the heart of Aarhus

Looking for a place to express your talent within the energy markets? Send us a message!

A Young Company

Although we are a young trading team, we have ambitious targets. We see our future as a history to be made.

We are the trusted global trading house;

  • creating consistently incremental growth,
  • in a fair organizational structure;
  • based on the right people and values.
Passion for growth

We are proactive, hard-working and curious people working together to create growth. We have a passion to be better at what we do. Everyone in MFT energy has the courage and the responsibility to contribute to the growth by performing better and working smarter every single day. Our passion for growth is the driving force behind our development as a company.


We believe in honesty as individuals as well as a corporation. We are a transparent organization with a simple structure. We communicate each other directly, take any issues immediately and communicate face to face preferably. There shall be no packing, sugarcoating or exaggerating in our organization.


We are flexible as an organization to adjust our activities according to the opportunities and the risks involved. We are also flexible as individuals doing whatever it takes to reach our targets. Flexibility is a habit for us. It makes us to stay agile and develops our existence in the markets to new dimensions.

First Year EBIT Results: 1.2 million eur

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